American Artist

EDUCATION Pacific University - Forest Grove
Oregon Fine arts Honors Graduate - BA 1973
ADDRESS 3608 S.E. Milwaukie Ave
Portland, Oregon 97202
PHONE 503-234-1083


2015-1994 Collaborating with: Architects, interior designers, engineers, Landscape Architects, Project Stakeholders, committees, community leaders, and fabricating - Installation specialists
2015-1983 Interpreting architectural plans and contributing detailed artist renderings
2015-1983 Clientele; Collectors, Corporations, Healthcare, Liturgical, Public Art, Universities
2015-1996 Cast glass Sculptural Installations, Architectural art glass, Functional Architectural Glass
2015-1996 Landmark site/client specific sculptural installations
2015-1982 Atrium aerial sculptures
2015-1983 Sculptural Land Art Events -Healing Gardens
2015-1982 Artist built interior solutions that shape/define personal surrounds
2015-1983 Diversity of materials; Glass, Granite, Stone, Metals, Water, Wood, Light, Landscape


2016-2013 Urban Plaza Design; 2 acres ; Library Archives Museum Project; [ Slam ]Juneau, Alaska  

2016-2013 Exterior Sculptural Land Art Event; (12) Library Archives Museum Project: [ Slam ]Juneau ,Alaska  

2016-2013 Interior Cast Glass Sculptural Event; (40) Library Archives Museum Project, [ Slam ]Juneau, Alaska  

2016 Conference Table; Library Archives Museum, Juneau Alaska  

2015 Private Collect; ArtGlass, 3 castings, Los angeles, California  

2015-2014 Exterior Sculptures:3,stone and glass,Miners Corner, Bothel Washington  

2014 Private Collect: 2 sculptures,aluminum and glass, Bend Oregon  

2014 Private Collect; Art Glass,10 castings, Florence, Oregon  

2014 Private Collect; Art Glass, 2 castings, Portland Oregon  

2014 Mack Energy Corporation (11) Art Glass/ Sculpture, Artesia, New Mexico  

2012 Jerusalem project; (54) Monolithic Glass castings for Dale Chilhuly,  

2012 Private Collect; Functional Art Glass, Hawaii
2012 Private Collect ; 5 projects, Functional Art Glass, Gig Harbor, Washington  

2012 Private Collect; 3 projects, Functional Art Glass, Oregon  

2011 Nishimura Limited, Glass Sculpture, Japan
2011 The landing : monolithic block granite, monolithic slab/block cast glass  

2011 Private Collect: Glass Sculpture Installation;Portland ,Oregon  

2011 Uroboros Glass, World Headquarters; Glass painting installation Portland, Oregon
2011 Shift / response; monolithic block granite, monolithic slab/block cast glass  

2011 Baylor Cancer center: Healing Garden, 4 projects: The Garden design, Entry cast glass Disc, limestone amphitheater, cast glass/granite water falls; Dallas, Texas

2011 Baylor cancer center; 4 projects, The Chapel Design, The cast glass cross, The Landry cast glass panel wall and the cast glass Way Finding Bars; Dallas, Texas

2011 Icon Architecture: Corporate / private Glass installations, Portland, Oregon  

2011 Private Collect ; Glass Towers, Dallas,Texas
2010 Private Collect; Intersecting light walls with colored glass lenses. Portland, Oregon
2010 Private Collect, Fused Glass Wall, Chicago
2010 Children's Medical Center Garden: Exterior glass screen: 8 panels, Dallas, Texas
2010 Children's Hospital; Healing garden 1.5 acres, a land art event, Dallas ,Texas  

2009 Private Collect: Art Glass Light Tower , New York
2009 Private Collect; cast glass bridge; dining table, Washington  

2008 Children's Hospital: 2 PROJECTS: 2: five story Atrium Aerial Sculptures: 2:Art Glass Divides, Dallas,Texas

2008 Seven Tree Lodge,: 3 PROJECTS: Cast Glass Bridges,Ceiling, Rolling Divide, Washington, State

2009 Private Collect : Cast Glass Floor, Great Falls ,Montana  

2008 Gamma Knife Center, Providence Hospital; 2 PROJECTS: 5: Cast Glass Paintings; 3 interfaith cast glass prayer alcove, Portland ,Oregon

2007 The Ranch at Cordillera; cast bridge and table; Vail Colorado  

2007 Baylor Hospital: An iconic landmark exterior sculpture, Dallas ,Texas  

2007 Private Collect: 2 PROJECTS: 5 Cast Glass Reeds: 2 Built in Vertical wall paintings, Dallas, Texas

2007 Coaxis Software: 5 Projects: Art Glass Sculptures,Cast Glass Light Towers, Art Glass Counters,Cast Glass Conference Tables, Cast Glass  Floor Inlays, Cast Glass Executive desks, Portland,Oregon

2006 Rogue valley medical center, sculptural land event, Healing Garden Medford, Oregon

2006 Rogue valley medical center: an expansive 2 story glass sculptural/architectural wall divide, Medford,Oregon

2006 Rogue valley medical center: 2 cast glass vertical sculptures, abstract figurative, south lobby Medford,Oregon

2006 Private Collect : 3 story cast glass stair case, Hawaii  

2005 Street of Dreams; 6 projects: cast glass floor, ceiling, counters, Portland,Oregon
2005 Private Collect; Glass cube room, Portland, Oregon
2005 Pacific University: Cast Glass Wall ; Spacial divide, Forest Grove Oregon  

2003 Private Collect; Dr.Oliver residence; Boulder,Colorado  

2002 Private Collect; Bill Bain Residence [ N.B.B.J.] Seattle, Washington  

2002 Gene Juarez Salon; Monolithic cast glass sinuating wall, Seattle Washington  

2002 Paul Allen World Headquarters: 4 PROJECTS: Floating Glass Ceiling, floating glass wall, Glass light bars, Cast glass elevator interior walls, Seattle, Washington

2000 Hoyt Street Plaza: Two cast Glass Wall divides, Portland, Oregon  

2000 Downers Grove library, 3 projects: 1: three story atrium sculpture, 1: 2 story aerial sculpture, 1: dichroic glass wall light sculpture, Chicago, Ill.

1999 Private collect: Dr. Oliver residence; Sabastepol, California  

1999 Youngstown state university: 2: four story aerial sculptures, Ohio  

1998 The national high magnetic field laboratory; 2 projects: 2: three story atrium sculptures, 1 stand-alone conical sculpture, Florida

1996 The Minnesota state high security hospital; 3: two story aerial sculptures , Minnesota


2015 SGAA glass conference; Expanding Horizons: moving beyond borders/parting with tradition; built projects; a visual body of evidence regarding modern cast glass for Art / Architecture. Portland Oregon
2015 Expanding Horizons: Stained Glass Association of America; moving beyond borders; concepts, fabrication, built projects regarding Art/Architecture. Portland Oregon
2014 Silence Gleaming; A temporary installation, glass surrounds / private spaces, Uroboros Glass, Portland, Oregon

2011 Master Builders Association: CPTC Interior Design Events, mixing art/architecture, U.S Metals Tacoma, Washington

2011 EXHIBIT: Outstanding materials / design, yielding built objects for interior features. U.S.Metals, Tacoma, Washington

2011 EXHIBIT: Alumni Artist Exhibit: Pacific University Forest Grove, Oregon

2011 World Exhibit-Picture Perfect-Exquisite Glass  

2010 World Exhibit-Functional Architectural Art Glass  

2010 EXHIBIT: Glass Tech International, Düsseldorf, Germany  

2010 International Confab of Art Glass and Practicing Artists, Germany  

2009 Audio/Visual Lecture Series for Artists & Educators, in Japan: Tokyo, Saitama, ,Nagoya, Osaka, Sasayama

2008 International Panelist: GAS; 38th Annual Glass Conference, Portland, Oregon

2007 International Panelist: BECON Big Ideas: Functional Architectural Glass; Portland Oregon

2007 EXHIBIT: Bulls eye Glass Gallery, Functional Art Glass; Portland, Oregon  

2006 EXHIBIT: The British Society of Master Glass Painters, Great Britain  

2006 EXHIBIT: AIA: Architectural Glass, Mercer University, Atlanta, Georgia  

2005 EXHIBIT: AIA; Architectural Glass, Cameron Wilson, Architects, Charleston, SC - AIA  

2004 EXHIBIT: solo: 28 monolithic castings; Fine Art / Architectural cast glass, Portland, Oregon

1999 Lead Lecturer for the presidents focusing series - linking art theory, practice, collaborative dialogues ; Pacific University; Forest Grove, Oregon

1996 EXHIBIT: Glass Tech International Exhibition, Düssseldorf, Germany  

1994 EXHIBIT: AIA: Art/Architecture: An exhibit of aerial sculpture installations: demonstrating the successful collaborative efforts between artist, client, architect, engineers and communities , Portland, Oregon

1984-1973 Exhibited ceramic sculpture with galleries and museums throughout the United States


2015 World; Business Journals; 015, 08, 05 ; Architectural Cast Glass  

2015 Inside The Kashevaroff Archive Museum; Glacial Pond; Juneau Alaska  

2015 Modern Cast Glass; The work of Walter Gordinier, hard bound second edition  

2015 AI The Art Institutes; Art/Architectural Glass, International  

2015 study reveals glass's extraordinary properties, Kyoto University  

2015 Christies International Real Estate; modern art/architecture at the sea, Oregon Coast
2014 Sothebys; The Ranch at Cordillera; featured architectural and functional art glass

2014 Walter Gordinier;Cast Glass; first edition, showcasing paintings, architectural, functional and sculptural glass installations

2014 The Biggest Glass Artists; Internet Publications.

2014 The Art of Displaying Art

2014 Cityzen; Urban Life Style, 13 incredible stair designs

2014 Featured on Houzz ; home design internet world wide  

2014 Featured on Behance ; Home design ,internet world wide  

2014 World News ; Artist for Library/ Archives/Museum project [ SLAM ] Juneau, Alaska

2013 Strathmore Who's Who; American Glass/Sculpture
2012 8 Cast Glass Videos stream Globally ; Internet, Utube,TV, Numerous .com sites  

2012 Works of Art / The Art of Placement, Interior Design  

2012 Documentary Video and Feature Article; Pacific University, Oregon  

2011 NBC + CBS universal [video] The Art of A Healing Garden, Dallas, Texas  

2011 08: Featured American artist--glass websites, corporate websites, and You-Tube  

2010 Designer Magazine--Architectural Glass
2010 Crafting Glass--Fine Art Castings
2010-2007 The Source Book for Architectural and Interior Art
2009 Crafting Glass: Incredible Architectural Glass
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1992 IES-IALD: lighting fundamentals [The Artists view] lecture series; LUMA / PAE consulting engineers