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Project SLAM

State Library Archive Museum - Juneau, Alaska

Walter Gordinier is a celebrated American Cast Glass Artist/Scuplter. As a born innovator and master of materials, Walter began to experiment with new techniques for the SLAM Project to achieve authentic, never before realized sculptural applications in glass. Walter introduced and developed Laminated - Structurally Dynamic Glass specifically for exterior installations.

Seven artist design elements define the direction of Walter’s concept: the plaza, the landscape, shadow shaping, Axis Discs, True North, Gateway and Light Veil. Walter conceived dramatic combinations of glass with Corten steel, producing modern proprietary sculptures for the SLAM project. Twenty eight glass sculptures were sited inside the library building with an additional eighteen glass and steel sculptures installed on the exterior plaza. The resulting plaza is a sublime orchestration of sculpture, landscape architecture and plantings, that defines destination, arrival and extends the sense of welcoming.

Max Gordinier and Daniel Teibel. Project Computer Imaging, Visual Presentation Effects, Invention, Fabrication, Trucking, Installation and Photography.